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Day: January 30, 2019

Despite the Government Shutdown – The Show Goes On!

Joseph Henry

Joseph Henry

Joe is an Associate Advisor at Argent

The Show Goes On!

Despite the government shutdown, the 2019 tax filing season began on Monday 1/28/2019, one day earlier than the 2018 tax filing season! According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), refunds are expected to go out in the first week of February and many refunds to be paid by mid-to late February like in previous years. For most taxpayers, the deadline to file 2018 tax returns is Monday, 4/15/2019. However, taxpayers living in Maine or Massachusetts have until 4/17/2019 due to the Emancipation Day Holiday.

If you have any questions regarding the changes from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, please reach out to a member of Argent’s tax team! 

For tax clients of Argent, please be on the lookout for your 2018 Tax Year Organizers as they will be sent out this week.

This information was originally published by the IRS on 1/28/2019 – https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/irs-kicks-off-2019-tax-filing-season-as-tax-agency-reopens-use-irsgov-to-avoid-phone-delays.

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