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The husband of a couple in their late 50s has been focused on his career at a Fortune 500 company and has built up significant wealth including large holdings of his company’s stock. His wife has been busy raising two kids – both now in high school. They want a more diversified investment portfolio as they begin to consider how they’ll spend their retirement years. They have worked with a few different investment advisors but are not certain that they are getting an integrated approach that considers their entire financial picture.


Argent Wealth Management guided the couple through our onboarding process, which included reading the husband’s stock option plan, becoming familiar with the company stock and reviewing their current estate documents and tax returns. Using advanced planning techniques and what-if scenarios, we illustrated the need for a more diversified approach to their overall wealth management.

Client Outcome

Our wealth management case studies are based on actual and hypothetical client circumstances, fictionalized for confidentiality.