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Investment Management

Tapping a broader opportunity set

Having invested on behalf of clients for over a quarter of a century, the investment professionals at Argent Wealth Management have a tremendous amount of experience and expertise.

Our perspective is global and long-term oriented. There are many markets across asset classes and across investment vehicles around the world. At any given time, some markets are less efficiently priced than others, often due to investors’ emotions and behavioral biases. Lack of efficiency across global markets creates opportunities, but you must have the capabilities and processes to spot and gain from them.

We utilize a propriety strategic asset allocation approach that is similar to larger endowment structures. Our process seeks to optimize the mix of stocks, bonds, and alternative investments (private equity, real estate, hedge funds) to meet your return objectives and risk tolerance. Alternative investments have been shown to provide many benefits to a diversified portfolio, including better returns and a low correlated return stream relative to traditional investments only. For these reasons, we spend a good deal of our time researching private equity and private real estate investments on behalf of our clients.

We start with the ”core” of your portfolio. Most of our clients have an actively managed Asset Allocation Portfolio made up of stocks, bonds, ETFs and/or mutual funds. We believe this provides a globally diversified base of investments consistent with your specific risk/return objectives.

We don’t restrict the investment opportunity set to just the core portfolio as we don’t believe that is enough. We seek additional opportunities around the core to add specialized return potential or risk control. We may add specialized, separately managed account strategies from our own investment team or external managers to your investment plan. We conduct deep research and open the opportunity set to allow our advisors to create the most efficient portfolio customized to your needs.

Lastly, since our compensation comes from fee-only revenue from clients, our investment process is completely objective. This allows us to focus solely on maximizing after-tax, after-fee returns for you.