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Our Process



Our onboarding process is a vital part of ensuring we understand your current situation as well as opportunities and challenges. We begin the process by getting to know you. We accomplish this in two distinct ways:

First, we are in the relationship business and nothing can replace face-to-face conversations. We develop a strong understanding of your goals, priorities, values and financial situation and risk tolerance through a detailed conversation and discussion. We talk about your vision for the future and work to define your specific goals and objectives.

Second, we supplement this qualitative process with quantitative documentation. We ask that you complete our comprehensive financial planning questionnaire and provide supporting documents. We seek to quantify your risk appetite through an on-line, academically supported risk tolerance survey. This psychometric tool provides us with more insight and scientific confirmation of our discussion. Any differences will be discussed thoroughly and reconciled to ensure all of your goals, objectives and risk concerns are thoroughly understood before we further analyze your situation.

The Plan

Once we understand your personal and financial situation, our in-house team of specialists gets to work on a plan, collaborating on innovative solutions and preparing detailed recommendations addressing your comprehensive needs. This is where Argent shines. Our team is comprised of CFAs, CFPs, CPAs, JDs, and MBAs, all with tremendous experience that work together and holistically to develop a comprehensive plan. This isn’t just an investment plan. It is a wealth plan that encompasses investments, taxes, estate issues, and can even cover insurance. The plan is constructed utilizing state of the art software that provides a true roadmap for your financial success and even assigns a probability level to the likely success of your plan given the inputs, taxes, and return expectations.


We meet again to review your plan, with your team available to answer your questions, discuss various alternatives and outline the steps needed to implement your wealth plan. We work closely with you to complete the necessary paperwork and ensure the seamless transition of your assets. In addition to investment management, we can handle most aspects of your plan internally or we can collaborate with your tax preparer or estate lawyer, if you already have one, to ensure consistency to the plan.

Discretionary Investment Management and Ongoing Plan Monitoring

Our process continues with regular monitoring of the progress of your plan in meeting your goals and objectives. We communicate regularly to stay in touch about changes in your life and financial circumstances, making any necessary adjustments to keep your plan moving in sync with your changing life.

On a daily basis we manage your liquid investable assets consistent with your goals and the plan that we agreed upon. We will report your investment progress to you on a quarterly basis through a detailed report so you always know where you stand and how we are performing for you. We discuss performance, markets and the economy on a regular basis with you and make any necessary changes if life circumstances change or as economic conditions change. We are long-term investors and our investment process is very flexible and tax aware.