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Retirement Planning

Because hard work should pay off


Retirement planning is among the most important issues for many cleints.

It is perfectly understandable why retirement planning is among the most important issues for many of our clients. What will I do when I retire? Will there be enough money to do what I want to do? What if I have medical needs which change my financial situation?

At Argent, we know the complex questions and concerns which come with retirement planning can leave you feeling out of control. To foster a sense of confidence, we help you create or refine an effective retirement strategy. We start by analyzing your cash-flow requirements, tax projections, retirement plans, and any stock options or deferred compensation plans. We also explain your options and the multifaceted issues you need to address.

Over time, we will consistently update you on where you stand in relation to achieving your financial objectives. And as life changes or events intervene, we’ll make any necessary changes to your financial plan.