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Holistic approach to wealth management

Holistic Approach

At Argent you will find deep knowledge across all wealth management disciplines that allows us to create a total and complete wealth management solution for you. We leverage our expertise in all disciplines and work as a team to bring comprehensive solutions to you. Our advisors strive to deliver a plan that integrates your investments with your retirement, tax and estate plan. We can help you with all your wealth management needs and in a comprehensive manner or we can provide more focused solutions if that is what you are seeking.

Fiduciary Responsibility

As a fiduciary, we must always put your best interests first. We are subject to the highest duty of care to our clients under law and we take this responsibility very seriously and with great appreciation. While we believe all financial service providers should act as fiduciaries, many unfortunately do not. We simply seek to do what is right for our clients in all decisions we make. We do not need the Fiduciary Standard to tell us that – it just comes natural to our reason for being in business. We are a fee only advisor with full transparency and no hidden fees or charges.